Friday, October 8, 2010

Reptiles & Happy Accidents!!! (not what you think!)'s been over 2 months since Joseph has posted a layout.  I guess he had a busy & full summer.
Ok..well this is special news today.  He did a layout that is being featured as a "tip" over at SCRAP OUR STASH (where Momma is on the DT).

It's about HAPPY ACCIDENTS!!    Every week we do a "Frugal Friday" or some kind of fun tip.  So this week, I sent in a layout that JOSEPH did this week...and here was the tip/lesson.

He had done this layout for a stitching challenge (over at the Club CK Blog) ...he was painting the chipboard swirl green when he got some paint on his layout. So he just added a few brushstokes to his layout. But while he was doing that, he got some paint on one of his title letters. He was upset about that and tried to wipe the paint off of the textured letter. He then realized something and said "It looks like reptile scales"... Cool....paint and wipe off the rest of the letters!! Reptile scaley looking letters.... HAPPY ACCIDENT!!!    Lesson:  Don't be afraid to try new stuff...  don't be upset when something happens you didn't plan....  use that to challenge yourself to "fix" it and make it better.... and turn it into a HAPPY ACCIDENT!! 

Joseph always reads his please leave him some love.

We're also submitting this to CHILDRENS CHALLENGE CORNER for their challenge to use at least 1 piece of patterned paper.