Friday, July 10, 2015

Shooting Star Canvas

(Momma writing) - Joseph did a canvas that I wanted to share on "his" crafty blog (not mine) and when I came out to find it, I realized how long it's been since he's posted anything.  And I need to update the side says he's SEVEN and he's actually now ELEVEN years old!!!

So he asked me this weekend if he could do a "Messy Collage"....of course, I said yes, but then had to move all my "in progress" work so he could play.

He started with a big background piece from a corrugated box.  He added dress pattern tissue paper and then added mists - He chose Red, White and Blue since it was 4th of July weekend.  At this point, I told him "Hey, this will work for Frosted Designs challenge this week" which is Red, White, blue and something old and something new.

He asked me to teach him how to use a stencil, so I did (that is his something new), you can see it's the honeycomb pattern in white.  He added yellow paint and some inks and then just started grabbing stuff off my table and saying "can i use this?"....  that is his "old" (all my old junk/random pieces).

He decided it looked like a shooting star, although that's not what he was "going for".... just how it ended up. This took him about 3 days to complete (due to drying time between layers) --  Thanks for giving him love on his project.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Off Balance

My Momma was scrapbooking with her Design Team Kit from MEMORABLE SEASONS and I wanted to play too.  So I used these pictures Momma took of me and my new skateboard on Christmas Day.  :):):) :p

If you want to see Momma's layouts go here: Momma's Blog post

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(Momma writing) -- Joseph was at the scrapbook store with me a few weeks ago and saw this FOOTBALL HELMET die-cut paper...he really wanted I splurged $2.05 for this one sheet of paper for him.   Then he had me take pictures of him & Daddy playing football in the backyard so he could actually use it....  He is entering this in the FAVORITE SPORTS challenge at MY FAVORITE THINGS...
He went through my Ohio State stickers and he liked this particular photo of himself...  I tried to talk him into putting it on a 12x12 square of cardstock, but he was having no part of that.  He said he liked it that shape since it would be so different from everyone else's.... it's his layout and I should just stay out of it!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reptiles & Happy Accidents!!! (not what you think!)'s been over 2 months since Joseph has posted a layout.  I guess he had a busy & full summer.
Ok..well this is special news today.  He did a layout that is being featured as a "tip" over at SCRAP OUR STASH (where Momma is on the DT).

It's about HAPPY ACCIDENTS!!    Every week we do a "Frugal Friday" or some kind of fun tip.  So this week, I sent in a layout that JOSEPH did this week...and here was the tip/lesson.

He had done this layout for a stitching challenge (over at the Club CK Blog) ...he was painting the chipboard swirl green when he got some paint on his layout. So he just added a few brushstokes to his layout. But while he was doing that, he got some paint on one of his title letters. He was upset about that and tried to wipe the paint off of the textured letter. He then realized something and said "It looks like reptile scales"... Cool....paint and wipe off the rest of the letters!! Reptile scaley looking letters.... HAPPY ACCIDENT!!!    Lesson:  Don't be afraid to try new stuff...  don't be upset when something happens you didn't plan....  use that to challenge yourself to "fix" it and make it better.... and turn it into a HAPPY ACCIDENT!! 

Joseph always reads his please leave him some love.

We're also submitting this to CHILDRENS CHALLENGE CORNER for their challenge to use at least 1 piece of patterned paper.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tall Things

Momma typing:  Joseph does another animal layout....guess you scrap what you love?  --  He did this all by himself....All I did was point him to where the supplies were when he asked for Alphabets..paper...etc...  This colorful tie-dye ribbon he used is one of his own choices from the store he wanted to use it.   And he did the layout a few days ago and I just found another kids crafting website called Childrens Challenge Corner and their current challenge is Ribbons and Bows....  when I told Joseph about the new challenge site he knew he had just done this layout and it would qualify and he couldn't get me to post his layout fast enough...  We are also sharing this layout at ALPHABET CHALLENGE - this week the challenge is N = NATURE

So without further ado.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010


My bff Erka gave Joseph a bunch of animal photos.  So he wanted to do a page and picked these pictures...had the title all figured out too.  SNAPPERS...too cute?...  He wanted to "stitch" on his layout this time so I helped him use my "ruler with holes" to punch the holes and then taught him how to hand stitch.  He worked one side of the paper and I worked the other (passing the needle back & forth) Mommy/Son project.  He picked out some of my mosiac tiles and some bamboo pp and he "kinda" fussy cut it...  I think it's cute...what do you think?

Friday, July 9, 2010


(Momma typing) This week's challenge at Frosted Designs is to use FELT on your project.  Joseph picked out this picture of our dog Zo'e hiding in our fig bush.  Joseph thought it was pretty funny.  He used felt leaves to further the "bushes" theme and an arrow to help point out the dog....he also named the layout DOG-O FLAGE (a play on words for CAM-O-FLAGE) --- All these are totally his ideas.  I was super impressed with the smart title he came up with!!  He even did the border.  I did remind him at the end that he needed to put the date on somewhere....not where I'd have put it...but it's not my layout!!!